Albert Henry Johnson

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Albert was Born on the 29th of January 1905, He was the Son of Edwin Albert Johnson   and  Mary Elizabeth Hine .    and from what I can tell he spent his early years at 31 Palmerston road, he also attended a special school for the Deaf & Dumb in Margate in March 1918 Due to becoming completely deaf following an accident around 1912.

On the 4th April 1931 he was Married to Florence Rose King and they Lived early on in 32 Brounka Road, Acton and then the Vale Acton where they lived temporarily with Jack Clayton and his wife Cathleen whilst homeless until they were rehoused in 26 Carlisle Ave East Acton
and they had the following Children

Sybil   Raymond   Bill   Peter.

and the following Brothers and Sisters.

Brother: William Johnson.
Sister: Annie Johnson .
Sister: Ethel Johnson.
Sister: Mabel Johnson.
Sister: Grace Johnson
Sister: May Johnson.