Eleanor Hills

Eleanor Hills

1940 - 1992

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Eleanor was born on the 17th November 1940 at Mainsforth Backrow, Ferry hill Co Durham.

She was the Daughter of Jim and Nancy Hills. At the age of seventeen (1957) whilst still living with her parents at 68 Harley Road, Harlsden she married Bill Johnson. In their first fews years together they lived at both Eleanors and Bills parents homes and during this time their first son Anthony was born (6th May 1960). Around 1966 they bought their first home at 7 St Johns Road, Southall, Middx. It was at this address that their Second son Neil was born on the 24th Febuary 1966. It was during this time that they had a small carpet shop at number one Western Road Southall. they later moved to 62 Cranford Lane, Heston, Middx where Eleanor had her third son Martin. After many years the marrage broke up and they got divorced, Eleanor then moved to live in a very large mobile home at 4 Highland View, West Drayton, Middx. she lived here happily until she died of Cancer on the 10th December 1992.

Sister: Sylvia Hills.

Sister: Janet Hills.
Brother: Geoff Hills.

Brother: John Hills.

Brother: Bill Hills.

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